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About Us

Geek Community was established in 2017 by Geek-Foundation. This community was developed by six geek guys with one equal sight to make our mission into vision. Due to the rapid growth of developing technology our community thoughts to build the intelective techie's in and around the globe. We whole heartedly believe that one can shine in technology when he is bonded to his circle with positive and developing minds. Geek community provides a technical platform where the geeks with innovative thoughts are welcomed by us.

JAM-Geek Community

JAM-Geek Community is an IIC(Innovation Incubation Cell) in Jamal Mohamed College by Geek Community.

Geek Salem Chapter

Tech Community, A initiative towards rural transformation.

Geek IIC Kumbakonam

Tech Community, A initiative towards rural transformation.



Geek was formed with a vision of bringing together like minded growth enthusiasts who believe in learning and growing together. We believe that teamwork is able to solve the complex problems for the betterment of the society.


Innovation makes the process futuristic and advanced. With an innovative approach, Geek gives space to expose your skills.We create resources, like best practice guides and educational materials, and build tools to aid our community in collaboration and communication.


We understand the rapid growth of an organization by maintaining the proper communication oriented updates and we let to know the happenings of us. We truly hope that proper communication will exclude the lag in partnership qualities.


Spontaneous growth of our community is to led techie's to get connected to one scope by implementing the knowledge through multi farious open sources in around the evolvement .


We are continually looking for opportunities to accelerate growth and overall business efficiency so you’re always ahead of the curve and provide added value to your customers and stakeholders.

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Our Mission

Geek Community sparked one thing in our mind that the vision can be build in reality by bonding with latest technology through updating ourself in order to exhibit the successful source persons in the technological Era.Teamwork as no end it just interperates the intellectual ideas of each individual techie in a team.We are in a mission to connect technological people together in and around india.

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