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Services Interactive, Innovative and Implementive

with most extensive foresight in technology, we the geeks intakes the spirit with elegancy to provide the best services we could offer in technology.

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Geeks upholds the effective & iterative technical sessions for enthusiatic geeks . We conduct this session based on Fun-Tech which makes a platform for young geeks to inhale the motive of the session. We believe that a tech sessions can be reached to the tech minds through fun.

Acceleration Class

Geek Community provides you acceleration classes to enhance your skills in a particular domain. The acceleration class is mainly focused on particular technology to built and to implement the concept in realtime.

Geek Boot-Camp

Every problem has a solution, as a computer passionist make your way to find the solution through code, Geek Community give a chance to learn and improve your skills in coding. Our "Boot-Camp" makes changes in young geek minds to make their thinking to solve problems through code.


Learn and growth is a part of core skills, we want to clash the code champions to analyse the young geek skills, Geek Organizers takes in mind and comes out with hackathons. Here Programmers, developers and designers cluster one place and build awesome stuffs.

Be a Geek Champ
Geek Student Ambassador Program is a campus connect program that aims to form a network of like-minded students. The program facilitates future geeks and contribute to their career growth. The Student ambassador program gives opportunity to the students to contribute our community and helps to create unique profile. This program creates a innovation incubation cell around Tamilnadu.

we as a non-profit community, our mission is to provide resource to the tech ethusiast which helps to enhance their skills in the world of Technology. We believe that one who is really passionate about technology will definitely shine and their innovation helps the society shine. Geek Community is a place where brings Networking, Passion, and Skills together.